Technology and business readers are the audience for these works I’ve authored or contributed to, exploring complex issues in-depth. My profuse thanks to everyone who has ever read anything I’ve written.

Mobile-Unleashed-front-cover Mobile Unleashed
16 months of research uncovered the complete origin story of ARM published just after their 25th anniversary in December 2015, with a look at how their technology and ecosystem developed in moving analog cellular phones into the the digital age. We also picked up the story of Apple from the point where Steve Jobs returns and sets course for “digital dreams”, and explored the origin stories of two other mobile powerhouses in Samsung and Qualcomm.

Read what industry luminaries Paul McLellan and Brian Fuller had to say about the book.

Prototypical-cover-front Prototypical
At the Design Automation Conference in June 2016 we debuted this book on FPGA-based prototyping in partnership with S2C. The first half of the book is a brief history of the technology beginning from the earliest days of FPGAs and reconfigurable computing. The second half, contributed by teams at S2C, is a field guide on prototyping techniques.
Social Media Bible Third Edition The Social Media Bible
When Lon Safko was preparing revisions for the Third Edition of his classic published in May 2012, we had a brief meeting and he asked if I would take on editing a chapter. The result was the all-new Chapter 21, “Let the Conversation Begin”, which I completely recategorized and rewrote with new research.
The Field Guide to Telecommuting The Field Guide to Telecommuting
I also had the good fortune to write a foreword for this e-book by Catherine Rayburn-Trobaugh published in April 2012, a great resource for people moving into non-traditional work settings.

I’ve blogged about the irreversible nature of many social changes, and telecommuting is one of those. The “where” of work is no longer a place, but a dance of collaboration between far-flung participants which includes employees, customers, and prospects yet to be reached.