Whether it is at a major conference, a local event, or a classroom, experienced storytellers paint word pictures for the audience. One of my favorite stories is told in my short video “The Parable of the 17 Nuggets“.

Many IoT discussions inspired this presentation; full slides are on SlideShare. “The Internet of Trust and New Frontier for Exploration” at the IEEE Electronic Design Process Symposium in Monterey, CA, April 2016.

Don IEEE EDPS Apr 2016

At the Smart Grid Security Summit West 2011, I hosted a series of interviews with technologists from across the industry. The role of a host is to ask the right question and let the guest display their expertise. In this segment, I’m chatting with the esteemed Dr. Whitfield Diffie on the need for lighter weight cryptographic technology for the Internet of Things.

I’ve also created and moderated panels, including a compelling discussion on open source hardware at the Design Automation Conference in June 2016. Here’s what one audience member wrote about the panelist comments in the session.