Books, speaking, and blogging are the public side of Left2MyOwnDevices. On the private side, I’ve worked behind the scenes with clients including Aldec, ARM, Avnet, ENSCO Avionics, Kontron, Samsung, and others. My work combines years of experience with an in-depth understanding of product and strategic marketing, content strategy and media channels, digital strategy, and social engagement. Confidentiality prevents sharing details of most of these projects here.

Twitter  L2myowndevices Part of my value for clients

I’ve been a freelance blogger for SemiWiki since 2012, covering many topics in semiconductor EDA and IP. In 2013, I was also the blogger for the Avnet Embedded Software Store, posting regularly on a range of topics important to embedded software developers in the ARM ecosystem. In both those efforts I’ve also ghostwritten full-length researched white papers.

ENSCO IGL White Paper and Webinar

ENSCO Avionics needed a program to reposition and simplify the messaging for their OpenGL SC software renderer. We teamed to rewrite their product user manual. A September 2012 white paper focused on six problems hardware GPUs don’t solve very well, and we followed that with a February 2013 webinar presentation partnered with Wind River.

GECO Response - RFI for FACE Reference COE

In February 2012, I got a call from an old friend asking if we could assemble a 25 page response to US Army request for information (RFI) in two weeks. Responses to RFIs are delicate; one must be informational, yet non-committal because specifics await in the request for proposal (RFP) which may follow. We dug into the Future Airborne Capability Environment specification, and crafted a story in a response that the program office rated as the best they received. Where many vendors proposed self-serving solutions, GECO was able to represent broad expertise and ecosystem relationships that could solve the problems.

How can I help your B2B tech firm with innovation efforts?

  • Analyzing markets, technology, trends, and competition, and establishing if and how to compete in current areas you’re engaged in and new ones you’re considering entering,
  • Uncovering how products are used and purchased, and finding the critical requirements and gaps that drive product roadmaps and ecosystem alliances,
  • Creating messages and content – white papers, webinars, social media, websites, blogs, presentations, speaking opportunities – that engage and resonate with both external and internal audiences.

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